The Process of Enhancing in Legend Of The Cryptids


Enhancing is the act of increasing a card’s experience through the sacrifice of another card. As cards gain experience, they increase in both level and strength. With every level gained, a cards ATK and DEF values increase by a certain value depending on the card itself.

The amount of experience gained from enhancing depends on the rarity and strength of the enhancer cards, as well as the their element. Stronger cards will generally contribute more experience, as will cards of the same element as the one being enhanced. As cards gain levels, they will begin to require more and more experience In order to level up.

Coins are required as a price for enhancing. The exact cost depends on the level of the card being enhanced, and the number of enhancer cards. As the level of the enhanced card goes up, so does the price of each individual enhancer used thereafter.

Enhancing Services
It is worth noting that there are also players who offer enhancing services. For a fee, usually in Energy Drinks, they can enhance any card a player should desire up to its maximum level. They can also enhance a card’s level should a player wish. Because Enhancers often work with very rare cards, collateral is often given to clients to ensure honesty on both sides. The actual fee charged by Enhancers varies from person to person.

  • It is impractical to enhance a card’s Skill level before you Evolve it, if you are going to use the Evolved card to enhance another card.
  • When evolving two particularly strong cards together, it is best to enhance both to their maximum levels in order to earn the 10% evolving bonus. This ensures the new evolved card reaches its maximum possible attack and defense stats. Evolved cards which have reached their maximum possible values are known as “Perfect Max” cards.
  • When enhancing cards, use “Common” cards to enhance through level 12. After level 12 it is cheaper to evolve many “Common” cards into fewer “Common EX” cards to use as the enhancer cards. The cost of evolving cards stays the same regardless of the cards themselves, while the cost of enhancing rises as the enhanced card levels up. As such, enhancing a high level card with two EX cards costs less than using four non-EX cards, since both ways contribute practically the same experience. Enhancing a card of level 12 is the break even point, both methods cost about the same.
  • If you are going to evolve rare cards, both rare cards should be enhanced to their maximum first.

Enhancing Cryptids: With enhancing Cryptids, you can simply sacrifice unneeded cards to enhance a current, more suitable Cryptid.

Legend of the Cryptids


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