Battling in Legend Of The Cryptids

legend of the cryptids battle
legend of the cryptids battle

Battle is a feature in the Legend of the Cryptids where players engage in combat with other players using their cryptid cards. Players may battle for various incentives such as other players’ Treasure or Coins. Players may also battle simply to improve their Battle Record for the sake of it.

Players which initiate a battle are on offense, and utilize their cryptids’ total attack rating. Players being attacked are on defense, and utilize their cryptids’ total defense rating. Unlike attacking, defending against an attack is an automatic process which is done independent of players.

The winner of a battle is decided based on the total attack of the player on offense, and the total defense of a defending player. Whoever has a higher value wins the battle. The attack and defense rating of players is decided based on the attack or defense rating of a player’s front line cards, as well as additional cards in the back line.

Front Line

The front line is composed of up to five cards which are usually the cards with the highest attack or defense. Cards in the front line are given priority to participate in a battle over other cards in a player’s deck. There are two front lines: the Attack Front Line and the Defense Front Line.

Attack Front Line
These cards are the primary offensive unit when engaging in battle. Cards with a high attack attribute are often selected for this front line.

Defense Front Line
These cards are the primary defensive unit when defending against other players. Cards with a high defense attribute are often selected for this line.

The default recommended front line is automatically assembled by the game based on the best cards suited for offense or defense, depending on the line, with the goal of having as high an overall attack or defense as possible. A player may also choose to create their own front line.

Power Rating

When cards participate in a battle, they require a certain amount of power from the player in order to be utilized. Cards used in offense require attack power, and cards on defense require defense power. An individual card’s power rating decides how much is needed in battle.

If a player does not have enough current power, the attack or defense of cryptids in the front line automatically scales down, depending on how much power is available. If a player’s attack or defense power is too low, cryptids in the front line may be excluded from battle all together. The weakest cryptids are usually excluded when this happens.

Back line

If there is extra power left after the front line uses up its required amount of power, the remaining amount is automatically utilized by the game to bring in additional cryptids from a player’s deck as back line support. The strongest cards are usually chosen automatically by the game to be part of the back line, depending on how much power is left. Cards which participate as part of a back line have their attack or defense capped at 80% of their value. Skills cannot be activated by any of the backline cards when attacking.


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