Battling Factors in Legend Of The Cryptids


legend of the cryptids battling
legend of the cryptids battling

When engaging in a battle, the total attack or defense rating of players is determined by several factors.

  • Level
    • While level does not directly impact the results of a battle, players of higher levels are more likely to win due to having a larger amount of accumulated attribute points. To prevent high leveled players from praying on lower leveled ones, the game automatically matches players with others of a similar level. As well, if a high leveled player attacks a low leveled one, the game activates a feature called “Divine Punishment”, which automatically results in a loss for the attacking player. Divine Punishment does not kick in every time, but the odds are much higher if there is a large disparity in opponent levels.
  • Account Element
    • When players first create a game account, they are asked to select one of the three elements. The player automatically receives a 5% stat boost for using cards of that element in battle.
  • Card Skills
    • Each cryptid card comes with its own skill which causes a unique effect to take place during battle. Some skills boost attack of a certain element, while other skills may decrease the opponent’s defense. Skills tend to activate at random, but the chances of a particular skill activating increases as the level of the skill increases. Also, the first cryptid in your front line will use its skill almost all the time.
  • Elemental Effects
    • When in battle, element matches somewhat affect attack and defense ratings. Fire cards have reduced attack against water cards, water cards have reduced attack against forest cards, and forest cards have reduced attack on fire cards. Likewise, fire cards have increased attack against forest cards, and so on. Only one element effect takes place at a time, which is usually determined based on which elements have the most cards being represented in battle.
  • Battle Boosts
    • When players initiate a battle, they receive a 10% attack boost the next time they initiate another battle. This bonus usually only lasts for a short period of time, and may only be initiated once.
  • Trap
    • Traps items that can be used to protect a player’s treasure against an opponent. Players which target treasures which have been protected by traps automatically lose the battle, regardless of level and attack power. The only way to completely avoid a trap is not to target another player’s treasure.


  • Treasure
    • Players may initiate a battle in order to take another player’s treasure.
  • Coins
    • A certain amount is awarded for winning a battle. Coins are awarded whether players target treasure or not. Should an attack fail, players may lose some coins instead. Note that while players may receive coins for winning, coins are not actually being taken from other players.
  • Battle Stats
    • Battle stats are comprised of the amount of victories in both Offensive and Defensive battles a player has participated in.

    Parameter Points: Parameter points are tied to a card and help determine how well and how long you can battle for.  There are only three parameters that you can spend points on, which are displayed above. Energy defines how much energy your card has to continue fighting, while attack and defense power are self-explainable.
    Legend of the Cryptids

    Premium Packs: In order to get the really good cards, you’re simply going to have to suck it up and purchase premium packs like the one noted above. These packs contain the “rare” and “ultra” cards that will send your game to the next level.
    Legend of the Cryptids

    Gems: In order to purchase premium packs and other assorted goodies, you will have to purchase “gems”, which is the premium currency that the game has. The prices are noted above. There unfortunately are no discounts for bigger purchases.
    Legend of the Cryptids

    Battles: If you’re bored of questing, you can battle other players.  Choose the battle option at the bottom of your screen to begin, select your opponent, then your cards, and get to fighting. These all come down to dice rolls and how good of a card you possess with regards to attack and defense.  Winning battles earns you rewards that will help you in the next battle.
    Guild: In addition to friendships, there is a guild system.  The guild acts as a backup or assistance when you attack or defend against other players.

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