legend of the cryptids
legend of the cryptids

Best things in Legend Of The Cryptids
– A FREE GAME on AppStore, addictive Epic Fantasy MMO/RPG Card Game!!
– 300+ (and counting) glamorous and beautiful creature cards.
– There are three main elements in the game, namely FIRE, FOREST & WATER
– Train your own Cryptids, create the most powerful team of your own and
battle other players!
– Every month will have one or more events with different nature.
– Collect and steal Treasure from other players before they will take yours!
– Create your own Guild, invite friends (Newcomer will get free beginner rare card and coins), ask them to join your guild and make your guild strong!

Legend Of The Cryptids is a completely free to play, well, sort of, provided you don’t attracted to spend in game $$ to buy gem so that you can purchase the rare or ultra rare card.

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