The story of Legend Of The Cryptids

legend of the cryptids story
legend of the cryptids story

Once upon a time, a fearsome being known as the Shadow King appeared without warning. Feeding on the life force of Neotellus’s inhabitants, the Shadow King began to destroy the animals and the forests, annihilating the land and laying waste to all he saw.

The Cyptids felt threatened with extinction, and courageously confronted the Shadow King. But… Even the famed Cryptids began to be defeated, one by one. His power was too great. However, the human inhabitants of Neotellus at that time were leading peaceful, ordinary lives.

Exceptions, People’s lives began to be disrupted by harsh and violent storms and other strange occurrences, then a rumor started to spread: He who was first aware of the unusual event banded together with Cryptid allies from across the land to defend Neotellus from the Shadow King’s onslaught. Those who caught wind of the rumor started to call the one who was first aware of the strange occurrences the Hero of Neotellus.

And the Cryptids also began to realize:

We cannot defeat the king alone. We need someone who will unite the Cryptids with their common goal. This person is Neotellus’s Hero. In the hour of darkness the Hero calls for the beasts, and the beasts call for the hero. Combining their might, They fight together to confront the Shadow King!

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