Locations in Legend Of The Cryptids

locations in legend of cryptids
locations in legend of cryptids

Neotellus is the name of the world in which the Cryptids live. It is orbited by three moons.

Arboria is the homeland of Yvette and the Elves. It was attacked by the Hades and the Black Legion during the Desecration Smile event.

Dawadh Strait
The Dawadh Strait was a section of sea on Neotellus. The sailor Ilaf lost his ship during a brutal storm here, and glimpsed a massive Abyss Serpent swimming beneath the waves.

Jixi Canyon
Jixi Canyon is an area of Neotellus occupied by a (Raven) Illusionary Black Dragon.

Joha was an island on Neotellus where a large group of Armored Merfolk were sighted. The merfolk created a whirlpool nearby which distracted the islanders, and the merfolk attacked, stealing their artifacts to forge weapons.

Master of Puppets’ Mansion
The Master of Puppets’ Mansion was the setting for the Master of Puppets limited time event.

The Mansion was located in a region of Neotellus renowned for its scientific achievements. The labrynthine mansion was littered with dolls and robots, and the sound of the insane Master of Puppets creating his robot soldiers could be heard from every corner of the house.

The Hero and his Cryptid allies investigated the Mansion after hearing reports of the disappearances of humans and Cryptids alike in the area.

Mt. Baphatma
Mt. Baphatma is the highest mountain in all of Neotellus. A giant Crag Dragon occupies its peak.

Mt. Relaoh
Mt. Relaoh was a large mountain in a range on Neotellus.

Shuntar Pass
Shuntar Pass is a place in Neotellus where Path Guard Namarrgon spends its time with animals before the rainy season.

Shuntar Wood
Shuntar Wood was a forest on Neotellus populated by Green Grizzlies. A Massacre Minotaur was said to have escaped its labyrinth, and was seen stalking through the trees.

Sonnelis is a place in Neotellus. Sonnelis Forest is located here.

Sonnelis Forest
Sonnelis Forest is a wooded area in Sonnelis that is restricted to horsemen. It is also home to Forest Beast Yale. It has become infested with random raids recently, and Bloodsucker Loup Garou has taken it upon itself to defend the forest. It is also home to Werewolf of Dawn.

The Underworld is the setting for the Dead Memories event. It is ruled by the King of the Underworld.

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