Breaking Down Walls Quest

Breaking Down Walls
Breaking Down Walls

Mission Specs

  • Energy / Monster     -4
  • Experience / Monster     +4
  • Coins / Monster     40-48
  • Monsters / Chapter     ~10

1 Chapter 5-1 Suppressing Doubts
Half Elf of the Grove
Dancing Ashrays
Valiant King of Lava
Yellow Ring

2 Chapter 5-2 Pride or Humility
Dryad Creator
Carmilla, Lonely Vampire
Cruel Mechanoid

3 Chapter 5-3 A Show of Forces
Dreadnought Pegasus
Hellfire Cerberus
Purple Ring

4 Chapter 5-4 Complicated Feelings
Dryad Creator
Illusionary Black Dragon
Radiant Thunderbeast

5 Chapter 5-5 Final Escalation
Dark Centaur
Dancing Ashrays
Hellfire Cerberus
Blue Ring

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