Battle in Legend Of The Cryptids

Legend Of The Cryptids
Legend Of The Cryptids

This is the most exciting part. You train and train your card, now is the time to test them (or been tested). Once you think you are ready, you can challenge others for a battle. Unfortunately, you can’t stop other from fighting you even you are not ready. So, get ready as soon as possible!

You can win some coins (and treasure if you choose before the battle) when you win the battle. On the contrary, lose some if lose. So, choose your opponent wisely. By the way, when you choose to steal a treasure, you may fall into ‘trap’, which mean guarantee lose. 70% of my lost battle is due to this, zzz.

The minimum ATT points that you need for your front line full strength is equal to the total front line ATT points required. If you have extra ATT points, the game will automatically select your reserve cards and use them in the battle. However, they can only use 80% of their attack power. For example, if your reserve card has 1000 attack power, in the battle it will only carry 800 attack power unless they r in the front line. So put the strongest card in your front line

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