Trading in Legend Of The Cryptids

Legend Of The Cryptids
Legend Of The Cryptids

Trading is always important for those who don’t want to spend $ or spend minimum $ in game. This is where they can spend time (lot of time) to make profit and eventually get the cards/things they want.

To start, you need ED, PP or Cards. The principle of trading is very straight forward – buy low sell high. Off cause it is easier to say then do. However, if you don’t want to spend $, then this is the only way for you to upgrade your cards to match others.

Tips in trading:
1. Observing – spend some time to know the price before you start doing any trade.

2. Concentration – concentrate on one or two items at a time. If you decide to trade on ED/PP, don’t spend time on checking the cards price. The trading section new post comes in every second, do not get distract by others offer. This is because the time you spend on considering other trade, a good offer may go.

3. Be firm with your decision – once you have a price in your mind, keep to it and never compromise, unless you receive a better offer. Every trade you might just earn 1 or 2 ED/PP, but if you manage to do 10 trades in 1 hour, over a week, you will get what you want. When you post an offer, you will receive comments saying your offer is too low, blah and blah. Ignore them, stick to your price, if you are patient enough, you will get some trades. However, it need to be realistic, not something like 1ED for 10PP

4. Try not to have maximum 5 trades at a time, reserve one at least for a chance to trade a really good one. Game developer has limit each player can cancel up to 3 initial trades only (reset PST time 5am daily), so, use it wisely. Give sometime for others players to response. Even if they didn’t response in half a day, try to use “cheer” to remind them and wait for some more hours. Until the reset time almost reach, cancel it and make a new one. If you uses all you 3 “cancel trade” with 5 active trades and you see a really good offer, you will scream out loud, trust me.

5. Study the market flow & next coming event. Market price goes with the event, therefore it is really important to know the coming event and predict either ED or PP will be required. Sometime you can purposely make some lost in current market if you predict the next one will give you double the profit.

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