Legend Of The Cryptids Captivating Allatu Card

Captivating Allatu Card
Captivating Allatu Card

Allatu continues her reign as empress of the underworld. Not only is she idolized by her minions in the underworld, but people above ground and majestic beings in the heavenly realm are fascinated by her eyes, figure and voice. Allatu is an underworld goddess modeled after the Mesopotamian goddess Ereshkigal and worshipped by western Semitic peoples, including the Carthaginians. She also may be equated with the Canaanite goddess Arsay.

While coming to the stats, It was a element from Forest with rare Rarity. And its ATK 1680 and DEF 1120. Maximum ATK was 4200 and maximum DEF was 2800. Maximum Level of this Card is 40. ATK Increase per level is 64.6 and DEF increase per level is 43.1. Pwr needed for this card is 10 with Hell’s Embrace skill. This card Evolves to (Infatuation) Captivating Allatu.

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