Legend Of The Cryptids Creatures of the Night event

Creatures of the Night event
Creatures of the Night event

Creatures of the Night was a limited time event beginning Monday, June 11 at 12:00 AM (PST) and ending Sunday, June 24 at 11:59 PM (PST). The Creatures of the Night event will have two facets of gameplay to be successful.

The first facet of this event is treasure cards. Each alignment can acquire two colors of a treasure. Because each alignment can only acquire two colors themselves players will need to battle other players to gain the treasures needed to claim their treasure card. Be prepared to use quite a bit of Power Potions doing this, not because weak opponents will be hard to find, but because of the traps. People will often use traps to protect event treasure. Treasure cards for the first couple of days will sell at a high then slowly settle down in pricing. Treasures will be easiest to attain through battle around the middle of the event when things settle down.

The second facet of Creatures of the Night is individual ranking. Ranking is increased as you move through the quest lines and gather souls. Energy Drinks can be used to replenish your Energy to move through the quests quicker and when you reach the end, further accumulate souls. The rewards for individual ranking are better than those acquired through treasure cards and way more than guild ranking. The highest ranking receiving multiple Ultra Rare cards.



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