Legend Of The Cryptids Lost Angel Card

Lost Angel
Lost Angel

Lost Angel is a element from Fire with Common Rarity. ATK BASE is 240, ATK MAX 600 and DEF BASE is 160, DEF MAX is 400. Maximum level of this Lost Angel is 20. PWR needed is 2 with Sales price is 250 coins. Evolves from (Cursed) Lost Angel.

It is hard to determine what to call those who have been driven from heaven. What is clear is that a fallen angel is a much more evil presence than the foulest of demons. Fallen angel is typically synonymous with a wicked or rebellious angel but the actual term fallen angel is not found in holy books. The term is used to describe angels who sinned or angels cast down to the earth during the war with Heaven. Satan (also called Lucifer, the Devil, ha-Satan, Sataneil, Satan’el, Shaitan, and Iblis, among others.) is often considered to be the first fallen angel. Wherever the truth lies, the list of named fallen angels is long and comes from many different religions.

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